Monday, April 24, 2017

Homemade "Chizza" better than finger lickin' good 自制“鸡萨”优胜过好吃到吮手指

Not long ago, a well-known fast food restaurant launched a new product which is the pizza on a fried chicken base called "Chizza", although this kind of fusion seems full of creative, but the taste period is very short, therefore with the holiday time, I specially cooked my own version of "Chizza" to enjoy, certainly better than finger lickin' good~ ♥

不久之前,某知名的连锁快餐店推出了以炸鸡块做底叫做“鸡萨”的新产品披萨,然而这种Fusion看似创意满满,但是赏味期很短,所以趁着假期的空档,本人特地炮制了自家版的“鸡萨”来享用,肯定胜过好吃到吮手指哦~ ♥