Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Commercial Time XXII 广告时段二十二

With the US election boom, my previous stinking Kuso App《Poop on the Bird》has been put on all the new game graphics, to ensure that the game is more exciting, so now you have a better reason to poop~ ♥

• Download for iOS Devices: http://bit.ly/YRQOBW

趁着老美选举的热潮,之前由本人开发臭气熏天的恶搞App《超屌大便鸟》现已换上全新的游戏画面,以确保游戏更加精彩出色,所以现在你就有更好的理由大便咯~ ♥

• 苹果手机下载地址: http://bit.ly/1qf3dFc