Saturday, July 16, 2016

熊猫物语 - 靠妖

Wakao! The hottest topic over this past week definitely all about the global popular mobile game《Pokémon Go》, although only available in US, New Zealand and Australia this three regions now, but in just a few days already able to the fame, and also boarded to the top of all app stores chart! Therefore I also want to share《Pokémon Go》glory, created a fan art, and hope you all will like it! Unfortunately this game is not available in Asia yet, led many of people very disappointed, but even now it can be downloaded, but I have not much interest to play, so picky people please don't critique on me oh! Haha~ XD

哇靠!过去这个星期最热的话题莫过于火爆全球的手机游戏《Pokémon Go》了,虽然目前仅在美国、新西兰以及澳大利亚这三个地区推出,却在短短几天之内就迅速蹿红,而且还登上各大应用程式商店下载榜首呢!所以本人也来沾沾《Pokémon Go》的光,搞个同人创作,希望大家会喜欢啦!可是这款游戏暂时在亚洲地区还没上架,使到很多人都非常滴失望,然而就算现在可以下载了,但是本人却没多大兴趣想要玩咧,所以酸民们可千万别向我开炮哦!哈哈~ XD