Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Commercial Time XXI 广告时段二十一

After a lapse of more than two months of production, my latest adorable App《3 Headed Pets》is now available worldwide on the App Store! This is a challenging yet addictive endless feeding frenzy game, so feed the hungry pets as much as possible now! ^o^

• Download for iOS Devices: https://apple.co/1TP2kFa

时隔两个多月的制作,最新一款由本人开发萌到爆的App《三头宠物》现已登陆各大App Store咯!这是一款会令人爱不释手,而且具备挑战性的无休止狂热喂食游戏,所以现在就尽可能来喂饱饥饿的宠物们吧!^o^

• 苹果手机下载地址: https://apple.co/1qaoVlc