Sunday, March 20, 2016

Commercial Time XX 广告时段二十

For some reason my tricky brain teaser App is now renamed as《Flipping Emoji》and release again. Although this game was forced to change the title, but there is no difference between the older version, absolutely remains the same interesting game experience oh! ^u*

• Download for iOS Devices:

由于某些原因这款由本人开发的脑筋急转弯App,现已改名为《Flipping Emoji》并重新上架了。虽然此游戏被迫易名,但却与旧版没有任何区别,绝对保持相同有趣的游戏体验哦!^u*

• 苹果手机下载地址:

Friday, March 18, 2016

Earth Hour 2016 地球一小时2016

《Earth Hour》is a global environmental initiative held every year, therefore Individuals, businesses, governments and communities are invited to turn off their lights for one hour on tomorrow night at 8.30pm to show their support for environmentally sustainable action, thanks~ ♥

《地球一小时》是一项每年都会举行的全球性的环保行动,因此个人,企业,政府与社区敬请在明天晚上八点半熄灯一小时,以示对于环境可持续发展行动给予的支持,谢谢~ ♥