Thursday, January 28, 2016

Commercial Time XIX 广告时段十九

My elaborate masterpiece of 2016,《Master Lee》an endless beat'em up App, is finally available worldwide on the App Store. This is an easy to play, challenging and addictive game with more than 30 different characters available for unlock! Fight as Master Lee to defeat wave after countless wave of martial art fighters and unlock Master Ip, the great grand master of Master Lee. All you need is quick thinking and fast fingers to become the Kung Fu legend! ^o^

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2016年由本人开发的精心力作《李大师》,一款以热血风格来呈献的超屌格斗App,终于在各大App Store隆重登场咯!此游戏简单易上手,但又挑战性兼备,而且还有超过30个不同造型的传奇功夫大师有待解封哦!如果你是李小龙和叶问的超级粉,就用你超快的手指与他们并肩作战,击杀接踵而来的格斗家们。现在就接受挑战,开启你的功夫传奇吧!^o^

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