Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Commercial Time XIII 广告时段十三

First of all I want to wish everyone will happy to celebrate Malaysia Day, furthermore have a enjoyable holiday. Recently I non stop developing App, so that good games can launch one by one, so now I recommend my latest Kuso App《Wacky Rocket》to you all.《Wacky Rocket》is now available worldwide on the App Store, quickly download it! ^o^

• Download for iOS Devices: https://bit.ly/1ygd33R

首先本人要祝大家快乐欢庆马来西亚日,更加有个愉快的假期。最近本人马不停蹄的开发App,好游戏更是一款接一款的推出,现在就为各位推荐我最新一款的恶搞App《超牛火箭》。《超牛火箭》现已空降到各大App Store上了,赶紧下载吧!^o^

• 苹果手机下载地址: https://bit.ly/1qf5u3o

Monday, September 8, 2014

Commercial Time XII 广告时段十二

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival, next I want to announce my latest quick reaction test App《Chik Chok!》is now available worldwide on the App Store. Hope you all apart of enjoy the Mid-Autumn full moon, will also play this game, happy to test your reaction now! ^u*

• Download for iOS Devices: https://bit.ly/1u0AKL0

首先本人要祝大家中秋节快乐,接下来要宣布最新一款由我开发快速测试反应的App《Chik Chok!》现已登陆各大App Store了。希望各位可以在中秋赏月之余,也玩玩这款游戏,尽情滴测试你的反应咯!^u*

• 苹果手机下载地址: https://bit.ly/1s6jROV

Monday, September 1, 2014

Commercial Time XI 广告时段十一

My latest crazy shooting App《Crazy TD》is finally available worldwide on the App Store in this September. Click the link below to grab your FREE copy now! Enjoy! ^o^

• Download for iOS Devices: https://bit.ly/1mdIHd0

踏入九月,本人最新一款疯狂的射击App《Crazy TD》终于在各大App Store上架了。现在就点击下面的链接免费下载咯!尽情享乐吧!^o^

• 苹果手机下载地址: https://bit.ly/1smHNaX