Monday, August 18, 2014

Commercial Time X 广告时段十

The latest Kuso App《Magnet Bird》developed by me, is now available worldwide on the App Store. Good game no need mention too much, be continued support is a must, have fun! ^u^

• Download for iOS Devices:

最新一款由本人开发恶搞Flappy Bird的App《磁铁鸟》已经登陆各大App Store了。好游戏无须说太多,务必继续支持就对咯,尽情享受吧!^u^

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Friday, August 8, 2014

Commercial Time IX 广告时段九

My latest Kuso App《Minutes to Shoot It!》is now available worldwide on the App Store in this August. This is a fast-paced casual shooting game which is easy to play but hard to master, do you have courage to accept the challenge? Hahaha~ XD

• Download for iOS Devices:

踏入八月,本人最新一款恶搞App《Minutes to Shoot It!》现已正式登陆各大App Store了。这是一款快节奏、易上手但未必易掌握的休闲射击游戏,你有勇气接受挑战吗?哈哈~ XD

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Friday, August 1, 2014

畅游《CosP!ay League Vol.1》

因为上个月本人家里迎来了一位新成员,让家中上上下下都忙得不可开交,连上个月19日与友人参观在海峡港口广场(Straits Quay Mall)举办的第一界《CosP!ay League》所拍的照片也无暇整理上载,还好趁这个开斋节假期才有时间与大家分享。《CosP!ay League》顾名思义是一个以Cosplay为主题、让Cosplayers们尽情发挥表现的活动,而且现场还有Cosplay比赛,胜出的角色扮演者更可以代表马来西亚出席在日本举办年度的盛会《东京游戏展2014》咯!所以在现场与超眩、超可爱的Cosplayers们合照必定是参与该活动的指定动作啦!^ω^