Friday, April 18, 2014

Toys, Anime & Games Convention 2014 (Tagcon 2014) 玩具动漫游戏展2014

Although feel sad to the Penang great politician unexpectedly passed away, but there is something to make Penang ACG fans to be happy about, and that is about to meet a grand ACG event in Penang! The first《Toys, Anime & Games Convention 2014》(Tagcon 2014) will be held on 26th and 27th this month at Island Plaza, there will be cosplay contest, toy & model for sale and exhibitions, as well as various of ACG activities. This《Tagcon 2014》content is quite rich, therefore you definitely can't miss it lah! For more info, please check out《Tagcon》Facebook Page. See you there! ^o^

虽说槟城政坛巨人意外离世无不令人感伤,不过还有一件让槟城动漫迷们值得高兴的事,那就是槟城即将迎来一场盛大的动漫活动咯!第一届的《玩具动漫游戏展2014》(Tagcon 2014)将这个月的26至27日一连两天在槟岛广场中举行,届时将会有Cosplay比赛,玩具模型出售与展览,以及多项的动漫活动。这次的《Tagcon 2014》活动内容相当丰富,所以您绝对不可错过啦!欲知更多详情,请到《Tagcon》的面子书专页查看。到时候见咯!^o^

Monday, April 14, 2014

Commercial Time V 广告时段五

The world's first mobile phone squid fishing App《Pocket Squid Fishing》developed by me with production time nearly a year, is finally available worldwide on the App Store. If you are a fishing lover, then you should hurry up download for a try! LIKE the《Pocket Squid Fishing》Facebook Page to get more inside scoop of it! Thanks! ^u^

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由本人开发、制作经年、全球首款钓鱿手机App《Pocket Squid Fishing》,终于在各大App Store上架了。倘若您是垂钓爱好者的话,那您就要赶紧下载来试玩一下咯!想要获知更多的相关消息,就请关注《Pocket Squid Fishing》的面子书专页吧!谢啦!^u^

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Zakka Festival 2014 雑货祭2014

The long-awaited handmade craft《Zakka Festival 2014》finally return and will held for whole month, three days a week (every Friday, Saturday, Sunday) starting from tomorrow in Pipit Zakka Store. If you are hand-made craft fans, then you shouldn't miss it! For more info, please check out Pipit Zakka Store. Bye! ^ω^