Monday, June 18, 2012

Forgotten works 被遗忘的作品

Hi! Everyone, for almost the whole month I didn't upload any blog post here, really a bit embarrassed, so today I specially bringing these two works for everyone to enjoy, and hope you all will like it! These two are the shortlisted and winning entries that I participate in the《Penang Science Council Logo and Mascot Design Competition》two years ago, but really pity that don't know why the organizers haven't released their actual official mascot as late as now, and really puzzling, so I had to upload my own mascot design in here again to share with you, hope you do not hold anything against this runner-up entries oh! ^o^


Shortlisted in《PSC Logo and Mascot Design Competition》

2nd Prize Winner of《PSC Logo and Mascot Design Competition》