Monday, March 29, 2010

Second battle in March 三月份的第二场挑战赛

More gains the vote of my dearest friends and you all last week, my Sleeping Angel (SXA015) successfully defeated the strong opponent and entered the second round of the MojiWar battle again! Really thanks everyone for the always support, and hope she can keep going to win, until she crowned for the Champion! Therefore everyone please be sure to continue to support her, and give her a vote! Really appreciated! ^o^


Friday, March 26, 2010

Earth Hour 2010 地球一小时2010

I would like to encourage everyone to participate the millions of people around the world in turning off the lights for《Earth Hour》tomorrow night to raise awareness and demand action to fight climate change! Thank you very much! ^ω^


Monday, March 22, 2010

First battle in March 三月份的第一场挑战赛

After two month of silent, my latest creation's Sleeping Angel (SXA015) once again successfully entered the first round of the MojiWar battle! Sleeping Angel (SXA015) have the super ability to bring sweet dreams and fulfilling everyone wishes, hope that she can make my dream come true, and bring the championship for me again! Hey hey hey... Everybody please don't forget continue to give me some support and good wishes, and help me advance to the next round of battle! Please click on this link of the match and register (you need to register to be the member first to begin your vote) so that your vote can be counted, much appreciated! Wishing everybody have the sweet and fullness dreams too! Enjoy! ^u^

经过两个月的沉静,我的新作沉睡的天使(SXA015)又再次成功进入了MojiWar第一回合的挑战赛!沉睡的天使(SXA015)拥有带给所有人美梦以及实现愿望的法力,希望她能让我梦想成真,并再次为我带来冠军啦!嘿嘿嘿... 请大家也别忘了要继续给予我一些支持和祝福,并助我进入下一回合的决赛哦!请点击这个赛事的链接并加以注册(您需要先注册成为会员后才能开始投票)以便您的选票可以被承认,非常感谢!愿大家都有个有甜蜜和丰富的美梦哦!尽情享受吧!^u^

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My latest Avatar 我最新的自画像

Hi everyone! Almost a month I didn't updated my blog, because I'm a bit busy recently, really embarrassed, so now I would like to show you all my latest panda look Avatar! Due to the previous Chickeninja Avatar, has always been mistaken as my Zodiac, therefore I'm created this new Avatar, and used to replace the previous Chickeninja design. Besides that I'm always work overnight recently, plus seldom exercise, and this cause not only body shape but also appearance look same like the panda; furthermore the panda family also very "Hito" right now, so I have to follow the current trend and using the panda to be my core design. This artwork entirely drawn in Adobe Flash CS3,hope you all will like it too! ^ω^

嗨大家好!几乎快一个月我没有更新本人的部落格咯,因为我最近比较忙,真是不好意思,所以现在我就向大家展示我最新以熊猫为造型的自画像啦!由于之前的忍者鸡自画像,一直都被人误认为是本人的生肖,因此我便创造了这个新的自画像,并用来取代之前的忍者鸡造型。此外最近我时常工作通宵熬夜,再加上很少做运动,搞到无论体形或是样貌都和熊猫没两样;况且熊猫家族最近都蛮“夯”的啦,所以我也须随波逐流以熊猫的造型来成为我的核心设计。这副作品完全只在Adobe Flash CS3里作画,希望大家也会喜欢咯!^ω^